View of the TRANSDEC pool from the top of the hill.

The team pulled off a great upset, getting into the finals with a fantastic 4th in the semifinals and finishing the competition in 5th place.

Danger ‘Zona, with no pool time and partially disassembled upon arriving in San Diego, was completed and fully functional by Friday. After narrowly qualifying for the semis Thursday afternoon and a sub-par 1st semi-final run, the team managed to get all systems functional in time for the 2nd semi-final run on Saturday afternoon.

Practice run
The team during a run on the practice side of the pool.

Danger ‘Zona, on the second try, passed through the mission gate, aligned on a marker, touched a buoy before aligning on the second marker, then flipped upside-down and drove through the maneuvering gate in style! The run put AUVUA in 4th place in the semifinals, with 3 wildcard slots to be determined Sunday morning.

'Zona on a crane
Danger ‘Zona is hoisted into the pool.

With a full hour of practice, the team prepped for the finals by testing the competition run many times. With footage recorded from the practice that morning, the team updated the vision filters until they worked flawlessly, then ran through the final mission plan until it was solid.

Danger ‘Zona is brought back to the dock by a diver, as seen on TV.

During the finals, Danger ‘Zona managed to accomplish everything from the semi-finals, with the addition of three more path markers and a near miss on the octagon, surfacing just outside. With 6 minutes left, the team decided the extra points from the octagon were worth the risk, and made one final adjustment to the mission plan before letting Danger ‘Zona loose. Unfortunately on the last run, the vehicle missed a buoy and couldn’t find the fourth marker, careening into the TRANSDEC wall and ending the mission early.

AUVUA would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters, the RoboSub event staff and volunteers, and every other team that made it out to Point Loma for a fantastic event. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

Awards Ceremony