AUVUA has accomplished many tasks for the past academic year. After 2016 Robosub competition, we continued working on upgrading Danger Zona 2 (or DZ2). Since AUVUA decided to use one vehicle for a two-year cycle, Danger Zona 2 has been upgraded and used in 2017 Robosub competition.


Every fall, AUVUA recruit new members interested in working with the team and design the autonomous submarine. All students in any area of study are welcomed to join the club. Over 40 students got recruited in Fall 2016. All the members can decide which area they prefer to work on such as Electrical, Mechanical, and Software. Students can join AUVUA with or without experience in robotics because they will learn about robot and grow their knowledge with the other team members. General meeting occurs every two weeks to keep up with the progress. Subteam meetings vary depending on availability of the members.

Not only students in university, AUVUA is also outreaching to people in the community. Last year, we had our showcase to high school students during SWE Academty day 2016. SWE is University of Arizona Society of Women Engineers. The SWE academy day is held to introduce and inspire the passionate teenager who will become engineers in the future.

Another event that we participated in was Cyclovia Tucson. During Cyclovia anyone can bike, walk, skate and participate in fun, free activities. Many people at the event were interested in DZ2 and AUVUA.



Hack Arizona is another event that AUVUA had participated. Hack Arizona is a hackathon hosted by the University of Arizona. Participants will build software and hardware projects from start to finish in under 36 hours amongst their peers, mentors and company sponsors. AUVUA used this opportunity to bring the team members together and work on projects that lead to team members getting to know each other.

During Spring semester, the team held working marathon where the team members worked together to discuss and working on upgrading the robot on the weekend throughout the semester. – AUVUA marathon + BBQ.




The team put together effort in designing upgrades for Danger Zona 2 during the semester so we can get the change to do physical upgrades to the robot in summer. Collaboration of the team is significant during this period of time since many of the team members got internships or jobs during summer. Working together requires an excellent communication. For the team members who still studied summer school or had the jobs/internships in Tucson, these members spent their free time to physically upgrade DZ2.

Urs Utzinger (our adviser) and his family provided the space at their house for AUVUA to work on our vehicle during summer. There, AUVUA held general meeting, pool testing, and working space for DZ2.

During summer, the team also got help from international exchange student from Chile, Carlos, who studies in automation.

While software subteam working on the software for the robot, the others created the tasks simulated the robosub 2017 course. This will be benefit for testing the robot in the competition-like environment.

The team worked very hard for the entire academic year and during summer. Thanks to all the members that put their effort and time in this project to make sure our vehicle is ready for the competition.


Special Thanks to our generous sponsors that provide us funding and resources we need for getting Danger Zona 2 ready for 2017 Robosub Competition.