Shirley Govea

Major: Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Junior
Role: President & Mechanical Lead


Jonathan Mitchell

Major: System Engineering, Junior
Minor(s): Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Roles: Treasurer
Subteam: Mechanical
"Interested in systems integration and robotics, I enjoy working on all aspects of a robotics project from the software and electrical systems to machining and design of parts."

Kevin ForbesKevin Forbes

Major: MS ECE, 2nd year
Role: Sofrware Lead
Subteams: Mechanical, Electrical, Software
"I received my BS in ECE from the UA in 2013 and am currently working towards my master's. My hobbies include robotics, unicycling, and chilling with my fiancée and puppy."

Jacob GoldJacob Gold

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Senior
Role: Mechanical Subteam Leader
"Shut me down. Machines building machines. How perverse."

Nicholas Carter

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering, Senior
Role: Electrical Subteam Leader

Dr. Urs UtzingerDr. Urs Utzinger

PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor
Roles: Club Advisor/Liason
"I am Urs, hear me roar. Roar."